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The Perfect Bass Drum Sound Is Here!



The Bass Drum Lift is made in the USA. It benefits bass drums from 16″ to 24″:

Better Projection

Raises the bass drum creating more room to resonate

Better Fundamental Tone

Beaters strike the drum head at the optimal position

Prevents Wear to Hoops

Eiminates attachment to the drum hoop

Affordably Priced

For both professional & enthusiast drummers

Double Pedal Friendly

Positions beaters on either side of center

Eliminates Vibration

Eliminates vibration to the foot pedal


“The Bass Drum Lift has brought so much life to my drums; even on my 26″ kick.”

Garrett Goodwin (Carrie Underwood)

“The Bass Drum Lift is the best of its kind. In the studio or out on tour… I never leave home without it.”

Bob Gatzen

“I always use The Bass Drum Lift on my 18″ drum”

Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez

“Bro… its killin’!! …totally brilliant!!!!”

Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock)

“I’m hearing frequencies not heard before… I’ve been LIFTED!”

Will Kennedy

Bernard Purdie endorses The Bass Drum Lift!

Bernard Purdie

“What a great product! I use it with all of my Yamaha bass drums in the studio, and on tour.”

Brian Fullen