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A New Book by Arti Dixson


eBook | 65 Pages with 329 Audio Tracks

In his new book Rhythmasvir (published by Hudson Music and Maroca Publishing), Arti brings his 40 years of teaching experience to help strengthen reading skills through decoding the formula, identifying notes and their values, rhythm and, finally, to distinguish between sixteenth note form and triplet form through proper notation and precise counting.

“You can learn to play an instrument by listening and watching others. However, learning to read rhythms will help you grow as a musician and possibly attain new ideas never explored before”, says Arti. “Thus, the first section of this book addresses the need to understand rhythm, which is critical for learning how to sing or play instruments.

“The next section will clarify how to apply rhythm to a drum set. This is for the beginner as well as the accomplished player”, he continues. “There are many drummers who are multi-instrumentalists. Thus, having a complete understanding of rhythm can only enhance one’s playing of other instruments. There are innumerable books that include all the rudiments, many of which a drummer will never use. In this book I feel that the rudiments included are ideas that drummers use more often in performance. While I am of the understanding that there is no book or instructor that could possibly teach every improvisational idea, I truly believe this book will offer a great foundation for drummers to develop their own creative individualism.”


“My first meeting with Arti Dixson was three hours of kinetic energy. Arti had a single rehearsal as a guest artist with my band Jazzical Fusion, when we premiered at the fabled Birdland jazz club of New York. We performed some difficult and arcane arrangements of music both classical and jazz, many of which did not have specific drum parts. Arti created some of his parts with just the melody and lead sheets, with an aura of precision and artistry. He added immeasurably to our concert. In my long career, this was one of my finest experiences I’ve had with any musician!

It is one thing for a performing artist to also be a great teacher. Arti’s legacy will be extended by the communication of his philosophy, which is synergistically tied to performance. He does not just talk about it, he does it. Not only does his approach specifically deal with the precise reading of music on a drumset, but he also begins the awareness for the need to improvise.

A lot of drum books only present the “rudiments of drumming” without showing practical applications for performance. In this book Rhythmasvir, Arti integrates practical samples of jazz in different meters and styles. I encourage you to use this book as an appetite builder– the more you play, the more you’ll want to!”

Martin Piecuch – International Conductor and Multiple Woodwind Artist

“This book will enable anyone who studies it to conquer three stubborn obstacles to becoming a real musician: reading music, thinking rhythmically, and crossing that intimidating bridge between technique and performance. Too many aspiring musicians are weakest at playing rhythm. All styles of music need rhythm– the creative ability to organize movement and time– to come alive, communicate, and be part of a band. Arti and the book he has produced are grounded in years of experience with top musicians. He has translated this experience to enable others to start swinging.”

Jay Gitlin – Pianist and Educator at Yale University

“American popular music is a house built on rhythm. Arti Dixson’s wonderful book, Rhythmasvir, explores the rhythms that drive the music, from the most basic to the most complex. With this book, he has paved the road. Now, with your instrument and a metronome, the rest is up to you.”

Brian Q. Torff – International Bassist and Educator at Fairfield University

“Arti’s new book Rhythmasvir covers the basics as well as advanced methods of reading, technique, and the rhythms that are essential for every serious musician to master. Also, I must personally thank him for demystifying the unnecessary fear of reading music by writing notation in such a concise and clear way. Thank you so much to Arti Dixson for such an insightful work. I intend to use this book for teaching my students as it touches on all of the important information needed to become a capable drummer.”

Mike Clark – Legendary Drummer and Educator

“During a time when most of us are getting our information from the internet, Arti has assembled an important and necessary book for both drum and music education. The lessons are brilliantly laid out to build the necessary vocabulary for any drummer to advance their talents. This book is compulsory for the well-rounded percussionist, drum set player, and musical artist. I highly recommended it. Thanks Arti for making this relevant contribution to the drum community at large.”

Will Calhoun – Legendary Drummer and Educator

“Arti Dixson is a masterful drummer and a powerhouse of rhythm. Any musician who wants to increase and intensify their “rhythmic bandwidth” should read this book. Arti has drawn on a lifetime of performing and teaching experience to deliver a beautiful gift to the music world.”

Michael Chertock – International Pianist and Educator at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

“Rhythmasvir is a thorough analysis of rhythm and its application from a virtuoso percussionist who has rhythm running through his veins. A big drum roll for a brilliant colleague!”

Yehuda Hanani – International Cellist and Educator at MANNES Music School at the New School

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